Arlene graduated summa-cum-laude from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2000 and received her license in acupuncture the same year.

She continued her studies in Beijing, China where she interned at several hospitals in the department of gynecology/obstetrics and neurology. In Beijing, she also attended classes for facial and abdominal acupuncture and herbal medicines used for different diseases pertaining to the skin, face and weight reduction.

Arlene's interests and ongoing studies in cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation, fertility for women and men, and addiction have attracted an eclectic group of patients in her practice. When prescribing herbal formulas, Arlene carefully considers her patient's constitution and condition in order to support and strengthen mind and body. In addition, Arlene has extensive experience in pain management working with worker's compensation and personal injury patients, i.e. low back pain, carpel tunnel, frozen shoulder, etc.

Prior to being an acupuncturist, Arlene was a massage therapist and instructor working mainly with sports injury. Arlene specializes in facial/ cosmetic acupuncture and infertility for women and men; acupuncture and herbs for women's health, emotional issues manifesting as pain, stress, depression, detox, sport injury, and much more. Arlene also provides nutritional and herbal consultation. Most insurance is accepted.

Being an animal lover and having three dogs of her own, Arlene did an internship at Rose City Veterinary Hospital to learn animal/veterinary acupuncture. She is certified in canine massage. She worked at Dog Paddle Hydrotherapy & Wellness as an animal/veterinary acupuncturist but now currently practices at Rose City Veterinary Hospital located in Pasadena, California. She works closely with veterinarians, providing acupuncture and prescribing herbs and nutritional supplements to dogs and cats with various ailments.

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
  • Licensed acupuncturist 2000
  • Studied in Beijing, China
  • Interned at Chinese hospitals in department of gynecology/obstetrics and neurology
  • Trained massage therapist for treating sports injuries
  • Interned at Rose City Veterinary Hospital in animal acupuncture for cats & dogs
  • Certified in canine massage
  • NADA Certified